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Powerful, affordable new WiFi 6 access point for small business

Johannesburg, 24 Mar 2021
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Netgear WAX 204.
Netgear WAX 204.

Home office workers, microbusinesses and small retail owners face issues such as spotty connectivity, congestion due to limited bandwidth, dropped connections, low speed, complex installation and lack of security.

NETGEAR’s new WAX204 dual band WiFi 6 AX1800 wireless access point delivers easy to set up and manage high-performance business WiFi for home offices and small businesses.

The WAX204 joins an existing Business Essentials family of high-performance, yet economical WiFi Access Points from NETGEAR, which are ideally suited for small single-site locations.

“This line of wireless access points is designed for the customer who does not require remote management, yet needs a simple local management solution with an intuitive user interface,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, product manager for NETGEAR switch solutions at Duxbury Networking.

Netgear WAX 204 (back).
Netgear WAX 204 (back).

The products include desktop WiFi access points in WiFi 5 and WiFi 6, providing a range of offerings to choose from. Delivering high-speed WiFi 6 technology that is affordable and easy to install, the new WAX204 does not come with added infrastructure or deployment costs.

The new WAX204 access point was designed to make installation easier than ever. The intuitive, Web-based interface provides a guided step-by-step set up to ensure a quick and seamless installation.

Better coverage with separate networks

“In any home or business, getting the best coverage from a wireless access point is the goal. The WAX204 leverages the latest wireless standard, WiFi 6, to deliver more coverage than previous generations of the technology. This advancement reduces dead zones for a more productive and less frustrating wireless experience,” says Van Schalkwyk.

When everyone uses the same wireless network, each device is competing for the available bandwidth. With the capability to establish up to three separate wireless networks with separate dedicated channels (SSID), the WAX204 maximises the performance of every connection. “Now, when working from home, there can be a separate network for distance learning and another for streaming to ensure there are no dropped video calls, and the transfer of large files is trouble-free,” Van Schalkwyk points out.

Higher performance

“It seems every device today requires an Internet connection, resulting in high-traffic congestion of the available WiFi network bandwidth. Laptops, phones, tablets, security cameras, lights, TVs, media players and even the refrigerator and printer are all competing for access to the network,” says Van Schalkwyk.

The WAX204 brings a higher performance to the network with the new WiFi 6 standard by enabling more devices to connect than ever before. “Now all of your devices can operate at optimum speed thanks to the 1.8Gbps bandwidth, resulting in speeds up to 40% faster over that of WiFi 5 (802.11ac). The WAX204 is also backwards-compatible, so even with older devices you will experience an increase in performance.”

Secure connection

Whether in a home office or a coffee shop, security is critical and the WAX204 delivers with robust security features. By offering the capability of setting up to three SSIDs that segregate client devices from those on other SSIDs, the WAX204 helps to safeguard privacy and keep data secure. Additionally, the access point uses WPA3 authentication for the highest level of WiFi connection security plus a DHCP NAT server for enhanced firewall security.

The WAX204 access point provides four Ethernet LAN ports for those who choose to use a wired connection for the printer, gaming console, workstation, TV or even a laptop. “The WAX204 can also save users money due to its ability to act as a router as well as access point. This functionality allows you to forgo the cost and complexity of a separate router and simply have one device to perform both tasks,” says Van Schalkwyk. 

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