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Fujitsu invests €3m in enhancements to SELECT Partner Programme to accelerate channel digitalisation projects

Munich, 18 May 2021
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News facts:

  • Four pillars of the new SELECT Partner Programme address the latest market developments and evolving needs of channel partners.
  • Partners gain unrivalled access to business outcome-focused solutions in Fujitsu’s Workplace, SAP, Hybrid Cloud and Data Transformation portfolios.
  • Enhancements include improved rebates, simplified access to programme resources and a raft of new tools.
  • Partners also benefit from the multiplying effects of the wider Fujitsu Partner Ecosystem and the opportunities it offers for peer-to-peer collaboration.

Fujitsu is investing €3 million in its SELECT Partner Programme to enable channel partners to better serve customers navigating the complexity of digitalisation. Significant enhancements include new user-friendly tools, the introduction of improved rebates, and broader access for partners to tap into Fujitsu’s key transformation capabilities.

Ongoing business disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated many digitisation trends. This has led to attractive new customer opportunities for the IT channel. Business leaders who increasingly recognise the power of collaboration are turning to trusted partners to keep pace with business requirements by transforming IT infrastructures.

Fujitsu’s investments in the channel focus on four pillars of partner enablement

The latest evolution of the SELECT Partner Programme enables Fujitsu’s partners to better support their customers’ evolving needs. It also streamlines the processes for channel partners in working together with Fujitsu.

Fujitsu is concentrating on four strategic areas focused on solving partners’ most pressing customer issues. Intending to deliver business outcomes, the four pillars are:

  1. Data Driven Transformation solutions centred on helping customers store, access and monetise the multiple sources of data across even the most complex organisations;
  2. Fujitsu Hybrid Cloud solutions, which ensure the right workloads are allocated to the most appropriate clouds, driving cloud efficiency and momentum;
  3. Fujitsu’s Workplace Transformation portfolio, designed to maximise the efficiency of the ‘new normal’ way of working; and
  4. Infrastructures for SAP Environments that transform data centre operations for the intelligent enterprise.

Fernanda Catarino, Head of Channel, Alliances and Ecosystems at Fujitsu, comments: “No industry or individual has been left unchanged by the global pandemic. Widespread, ongoing disruption has delivered one positive trend for our partners: enterprises are accelerating digital transformations to ensure they have the agility to deal with whatever the future holds.

"We are enhancing and investing in our SELECT programme to help our partners more easily take advantage of this opportunity and to make doing business with us easier and more productive than ever.

"The 2021 SELECT Partner Programme makes our entire solutions portfolio more accessible and focuses on ensuring that partners can hone the skills necessary to deliver transformation – from enhancing technical know-how to acquiring consultative sales capabilities. Regardless of whether they are selling independently, or collaboratively via the partner ecosystem, we are setting them up to win.”

The updated SELECT portfolio will be supported by new training content – delivered via the Fujitsu Academy – for example courses designed to equip partners to address customers’ broader business challenges. SELECT partners[1] who excel in providing these Fujitsu portfolio pillars will have the opportunity to become Fujitsu Champions. This new category encompasses any partner with enhanced skills, experience and offerings in key technology areas – including ISVs and consultancies. These Champions will help catalyse new value creation within the Fujitsu Partner Ecosystem.

Fujitsu has also enhanced the SELECT partner programme rebate structure for SELECT Experts and Circle partners. Partners specialising in key aspects of technology, for example digitalisation projects that leverage Integrated Systems and SAP, will receive additional accelerator rebates.

Fujitsu is also investing in channel programme infrastructure to streamline access to its resources and benefits. Enhancements include tools to facilitate collaborative business planning and demand generation. Partners will also benefit from a new Partner Dashboard, designed to ensure all interactions with Fujitsu are transparent and predictable – and that partners can easily check on key metrics such as the status of different income streams.

Fujitsu partners will continue to benefit from participation in a wider partner ecosystem to support them in delivering solutions for their customers. Increasingly complex customer requirements require technology solutions that span different products and services from multiple vendors – and require collaboration between experts in different fields. Fujitsu is helping its channel address this opportunity by integrating its partners into an ecosystem where they are empowered to collaborate effectively to realise emerging market opportunities and create business value.

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[1]These can be any type of partner, from reseller to system integrator, ISV or consultancy.

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