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Siemens joins forces with PineApp to deliver converged voice and data solutions

Siemens partners with PineApp to deliver converged voice and data solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Johannesburg, 15 Nov 2007
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Global leader in digital switching and voice/data convergence Siemens Enterprise

Communications has teamed up with PineApp, a leading supplier of e-mail and Web security appliances, to deliver converged voice and data solutions to small and medium-sized businesses.

Fred Maurus, head of technology management and marketing at Siemens Enterprise Communications, says: "PineApp is fully conversant with our Open Communication strategy and well enabled to complement our new HiPath 2000 IP platform with its purpose-built appliance that allows organisations of up to 50 users to be protected in aspects such as e-mail and Internet browsing.

The co-operative relationship with SeKure-IT/PineApp will enable us to offer additional secure solutions in the SMB and SOHO (small office, home office) IP telephony space. SeKure-IT is the South African representative of PineApp.

Siemens recently launched its HiPath 2000 IP platform, a state-of-the-art IP communication system for SMBs. Maurus is confident the South African agreement with PineApp will strengthen Siemens' HiPath IP convergence product range in the SME and SOHO market by adding the PineApp range of IT security products to this portfolio.

Michael Kasan, VP of PineApp, comments: "We see the co-operation as providing a key element in the merging of voice and data in the IP environment. Such co-operation is vital in satisfying the ongoing needs of our customers in providing email and Internet security. "It is a fantastic opportunity for PineApp to be partnering with the leading voice company, Siemens.

With our extensive range of security appliances coupled with the enormous market share that Siemens has in SA, we are set on an unprecedented growth path."

Siemens Enterprise Communications

Siemens Enterprise Communications is one of the world's leading vendors of Open communications solutions for enterprises of all sizes, enabling business processes to be more productive, faster and more secure - with any device, network or IT infrastructure. The company has been active in South Africa for more than 110 years and boasts a customer base in excess of 12,000 enterprises, which include most of South Africa's leading corporate companies.

More about Siemens Enterprise Communications at

PineApp Limited

PineApp Limited is a leader in securing networks and e-mail systems, and offers comprehensive appliance solutions for small, medium and large organizations. Founded in 2002, PineApp is represented in the US, UK, Italy, Spain, France, Israel and South Africa, with a presence in over 50 countries.

Over the past five years, PineApp has specialised in e-mail and content security systems. This specialisation has enabled PineApp to establish itself as a pioneer in developing unique and innovative solutions to combat ongoing and diverse security threats.

Further information is available at


SeKure-IT is the South African distributor of PineApp email and web security appliances and solutions.

For more information, to enquire about how SeKure-IT can benefit your organization or to enquire about becoming a reseller of PineApp products, please contact SeKure-IT:
Telephone: + 27 (0)11 553 1270 or

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