MobiFlex releases mobile self-service app

Johannesburg, 08 Sep 2011
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MobiFlex releases mobile self-service app

MobiFlex, a maker of cloud-based, self-service mobile app development platforms, unveiled its flagship visual mobile app development tool, ViziApps, reports Social Barrel.

The mobile app introduces an array of new features with version 1.96, most notably Facebook-sharing capability. This added level of functionality increases the ability of ViziApps users to build engagement and community for their businesses.

According to Daily Deal Media, the ViziApps 1.96 comes equipped with a message sharing action. This makes it a breeze to share a variety of text and media files such as images, videos, and audio with others via Facebook, SMS, or e-mail.

“By providing our users direct integration with Facebook, ViziApps gives them the ability to leverage this major marketing vehicle for their businesses,” says George Adams, MobiFlex CEO.

MobiFlex provides a unique service with their proprietary system of self-service tools, widgets and drag-and-drop wizards without the need of a skilled developer, writes Bost Innovation.

The new social integration that MobiFlex now provides will serve their customers well, especially when they are able to scale their marketing efforts.

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