Workday sells off HR software

Johannesburg, 22 Aug 2011
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Workday sells off HR software

Personnel software maker Workday made a sale to Thomson Reuters, a business information company with 55 000 employees, reports Business Times.

New York-based Thomson Reuters sells data and software to people working in finance, healthcare, legal services, science, media and tax and accounting.

Pleasanton-based Workday didn't give a price in the deal. It sells HR software-as-a-service for managing people, payroll and money to business customers.

According to Managing Automation Magazine, the latest version of the software allows a manager to view employee performance histories as he or she completes a performance review.

Additional human capital management capabilities in the newly unveiled Workday software allow managers and HR personnel to assess and reward performance on initiatives, projects, and results.

That approach to business intelligence is increasingly popular among enterprise software vendors.

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