Why Web hosting is important to your brand, and signs that you're ready to move up

Your hosting plan should grow with your business, and insufficient storage and speeds means your Web site won’t function optimally and needs an upgrade.

Johannesburg, 11 Dec 2019
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Web site hosting is perhaps one of the most overlooked cornerstones of a business. Just like your branding and marketing efforts adapt with time, your hosting plan should also grow with your business. With more products added to your online store, with more content uploaded to your Web site, and with more Web site visitors frequenting your site, the need for an upgrade becomes all the more necessary. The end of a year is as good a time as any to reflect on your business and all the tools it uses to its advantage.

Reasons to make superior hosting a priority

It’s about more than just how a Web site looks; it's about how it functions, too. Average or insufficient hosting storage and speeds means your Web site won’t be able to function optimally.

Poor hosting can lead to a damaged reputation

The way in which you portray your products and services online is critical to your brand’s reputation. A slow, ill-responding or poorly loading site could irritate potential customers and leave a bad impression of your company.

Poor hosting can lead to a loss of potential sales

A Web site that isn’t functioning optimally could potentially cost you sales. Who would trust a site that takes too long to load or displays products disjointedly?

Poor hosting can affect the ROI on Google Adword campaigns

If you are spending money on Google Adword campaigns, but your Web site is powered by average hosting, it is money down the drain. No interested shopper has the time to wait for products to load.

Poor hosting can lead to affected search engine rankings

Search engines like Google are all about giving customers what they want. That is why they are so successful. They don’t like referring their users to Web sites that don’t function optimally as this will lead to high bounce rates, which isn’t good for their reputation. This means your ranking will be affected.

Signs you’ve outgrown your current hosting company

Business owners don’t always have a lot of time to spend on each and every aspect of the business, but these clear signs make it easy for you to make the right decision more effectively.

It is time to move hosting companies and/or upgrade your hosting plan if:

  1. Your site is slow: Sometimes other factors affect the loading of a site; for example, too many large images, etc. But if all the back-end development issues have been cleared up and your site is still slow, it is time for an upgrade.
  2. You’ve had a security breach: Security breaches can affect a company in more ways than one. Yes, money will be lost while a site is down, but think about the trust you will lose as well. Find a hosting company that scans for vulnerabilities and offers secure hosting.
  3. Your Web site often experiences periods of down-time: The truth of the matter is that when you look back over the year, your site should rarely have been down. It you can recall several occasions that this occurred, it means that you either have too many visitors for the hosting plan you are on, or that your Web site hosting company isn’t hosting on reliable servers boasting optimum up-time and performance.
  4. Your Web site performs badly during peak times: This is perhaps the most obvious indicator that you are ready to upgrade to a better plan. Peak times are exactly the time you want your Web site hosting to come through for you.
  5. Your business has grown recently: A new product line, the employment of more employees, the signing of a large new client, etc can all affect the performance of your Web site. Make sure you are ready for more storage, bandwidth and e-mail accounts.

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