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Chillisoft is Standard Bank’s 2020 Fast-Growth Women-Owned SMME

By Jacqueline Raw (YCagel)

Johannesburg, 12 Oct 2020
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One of SA’s leading tech companies, Chillisoft Solutions, led by CEO Anujah Bosman, won the Fast-Growth Women-Owned SMME Award at the Standard Bank 2020 Top Women Awards!

Recently, the Standard Bank Top Women Awards grabbed headlines during their virtual awards event celebrating top women and the companies behind them. This tech-driven event welcomed some of the continent’s most prominent thought leaders, global influencers and powerful fempreneurs to its stage.

These annual awards honour and applaud outstanding leadership, inspiration, vision and innovation in organisations that play a role in advancing women to the forefront of the economy covering all major economic sectors, and awarding business from SMME to national level.

This year, Chillisoft Solutions and its CEO, Bosman, took home the gold as Top Fast-Growth, Female-Owned SMME, outranking other high growth fem-owned companies like React24, Future Females, Pinnacle Human Capital Consulting, to name but a few.

Under the leadership of Bosman, Chillisoft’s CEO and fearless fempreneur, Chillisoft has grown at a rapid pace while holding firm to the company’s win-win, people-centric philosophy. With a people-first approach, the company has catapulted as a contender in the national and global space, servicing big businesses like Nedbank, ABX (Allocated Bullion Exchange), Derivco and Spar.

As a respected software development company that is well known for its ability to execute brilliantly, its agility and its outcome-focused approach, Chillisoft focuses on working collaboratively with clients to deliver the right solution in every instance.

"Our growth and our successes are no accident. We grow, develop and lead values-driven specialists who deliver results. Our people are professionals who continually learn and who are committed to delivering value. The company has been carefully designed to create and nurture high performance software dev teams. My work is my purpose. I try to live my life authentically and on my terms, while consciously doing as little harm as possible. I believe that destiny is a choice; it is something that you achieve with each action every day, that tells the world who you are and what is important to you,” said Bosman.

Through designing an organisation that is values-based, resilient and innovative, Bosman has created a climate that allows Chillisoft to thrive and contribute to society and the economy with a purpose-driven approach to business.

Bosman believes that a large part of happiness is attributed to making a meaningful contribution, deliberatelychoosing purpose-driven challenges, adding value and building capacity in talented individuals. These beliefs form the basis of the values that have shaped Chillisoft as an organisation.

"We are honoured to receive this award. It validates our continued investment in our people and our culture first and then allowing them to deliver returns for our clients."

As a company that is still expanding and growing in spite of the state of our current economy, Chillisoft is way ahead of the game and most certainly setting the pace for other organisations and a great example to future female leaders of industry!

Congratulations Bosman and the Chillisoft team on your well-deserved success!

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