White paper: Modernisation: Reimagining COBOL systems for the digital age

Johannesburg, 03 Jul 2020
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Every enterprise must review their infrastructures and applications in the context of the drive for IT transformation – especially those relying on COBOL systems for back-end business process. Whatever the outcome of the collision between the immovable object of core business applications and the irresistible force of change, doing nothing means going backwards.

But, in moving forward, which is the right direction? Does COBOL remain relevant in the digital change? Is modernisation really the best transformation strategy? We endeavoured to find out the answers to these questions by asking the right questions to people in the know.

This paper showcases the key findings of two surveys by analysts Vanson Bourne: State of Enterprise IT 2020 and The Big COBOL Survey 2020. The latter was a Micro Focus-commissioned piece. It polled a representative sample of global IT leaders and decision-makers, including the Micro Focus COBOL community. As the more context-specific of the two, it focused exclusively on the challenges of enabling the mainframe – and other servers running COBOL systems – for a digital future.

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