Groundbreaking: Kryptoro disrupts crypto sector with its Arbitrage Trading Platform

Johannesburg, 04 Mar 2021
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Crypto investors who wanted to diversify their portfolio know the pain of having to use different exchanges. Others, who like trading the price movement of one particular crypto-currency, are always looking for best opportunities to buy and sell. However, with Kryptoro, their problems can be resolved.

Introducing Kryptoro – the Arbitrage Trading Platform

The Kryptoro team is introducing a brand new and unique model of crypto exchange: the Arbitrage Trading Platform. The Kryptoro platform has the ability to connect various high-profile exchanges and bring them all to one place.

By doing this, users have the ability to trade on any of the connected exchanges without ever leaving Kryptoro. This saves a lot of time and cuts off the tedious process of constantly changing exchanges. They can also trade crypto-currencies between the exchanges, meaning they don’t even need to bet on a crypto-currency going up or down – they can profit off of the market imbalances.

Kryptoro solves various problems that emerging exchanges have, such as:

  • Low liquidity – Kryptoro has no problem with liquidity as the platform utilises other top exchanges’ liquidity. This means its users will never have trouble with filling an order.
  • High trading fees – The Kryptoro platform solves the problem of high trading fees by applying a subscription model, which will charge users a flat amount each month. This way, users that trade more will have their trading costs reduced simply by using the platform.
  • Not your keys – not your crypto” problem – Kryptoro never compromises on its users’ privacy and security. As a result of that, the platform doesn’t require users to deposit their trading funds to the platform-specific wallet, meaning that their crypto is safe and sound.

Kryptoro users will have the ability to use the arbitrage panel, trading board (where they can do their technical analysis), news panel (where they can track latest traditional and social media news) and portfolio panel (where they can manage their current holdings).

The platform currently supports arbitrage trading on five exchanges (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Luno, and Bitfinex), but plans to implement all of the top exchanges in the crypto space. Kryptoro will work on a subscription-based model, which will allow users to trade with no transaction fees at all. The monthly platform subscription is set to be $7.

The Kryptoro Arbitrage Trading Platform is available as a mobile application (Android and iOS) or a Web-based application.

No more swapping between exchanges, and no more complaining about price discrepancies between exchanges: Join us at Kryptoro, an all-in-one hub for your crypto trading and investment wants and needs!

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