Six sports on one channel

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SuperSport, SA`s pay television station, has launched a new channel, SuperSport Zero, on DStv`s channel 20.

SuperSport Zero will enable viewers to catch four or six different sport broadcasts at the same time. It also enables viewers to listen to live commentary from one event while watching another.

"With the introduction of SuperSport Zero, SuperSport has taken personalised interactive sports viewing to a new level," says Ray Moore, GM of SuperSport Zone.

"Viewers will be able to navigate through various options while picking up the audio feeds of the specific channels. They can still access the interactive sports information by selecting the SuperSport Zero option and pressing the OK button on the remote."

Viewers can tune into the sport they want to watch by using the buttons on the remote control. To tune to a specific event, a press of the OK button on the remote control is all that is needed.

"Combining broadcast and interactive TV media opens up a multitude of options," says Moore. "The multiple SuperSport channels provide a unique opportunity to render a service that can show the real extent of SuperSport`s TV coverage, together with the SuperSport Zone`s in-depth sports information service.

"This is one development in a number of new plans we will roll-out soon involving various media and technologies."

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