Main challenges that a video collaboration platform solves

Johannesburg, 23 Oct 2020
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As the working mode becomes more flexible, disadvantages arise that businesses must learn to manage with a view to optimising their operations. This is how collaborative work tools become an important solution, at any time and from any place

For this reason, I know you are asking yourself, what are these challenges that a video collaboration platform solves? Well, interactions with customers and internally in the organisation have become consistent with the balance of today’s remote work life.

Enterprise video collaboration platforms are no longer a luxury, they are a necessary and determining factor in today’s work activities. Without a doubt, the power of video-conferencing is undeniable. In addition to enabling effective management of organisational communication systems, it also allows for a significant increase in productivity and efficiency of operations. But well, in this article we will not address the benefits of video-conferencing, as this is the subject of another content piece.

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However, when it comes to the challenges that video collaboration solves, it is clear that companies face diverse situations because of remote work. For this reason, here we tell you which are those challenges that a video collaboration tool helps you to solve.

Main challenges that video collaboration solves

  • Challenge #1: Minimise multitasking and increase conversion

Have you heard the phrase “That meeting could have been an e-mail”? Well, with a video collaboration tool it is possible to make every meeting more productive and effective. It allows you to concentrate 100% on the meeting and most importantly, you avoid multi-tasking to a lesser extent, leading to less exhaustion and stress.

  • Challenge #2: Distance prevents face-to-face interactions

Through video communication, you avoid trips and “dead time”, with visual contact and interacting in real-time with your colleagues.

  • Challenge #3: Customers are used to video communication

Video interaction is faster, easier and more efficient, and your clients expect to have the same access to your company as they would to their interpersonal relationships, hence the importance of integrating this channel into your organisational communication system.

  • Challenge #4: Facilitate collaboration in mission-critical processes

Increasingly, organisations are moving from general communication applications to using communication in the context of an existing flow, which can be done through video collaboration.

In short, it is clear that employees need effective and efficient interpersonal collaboration to meet their strategic objectives. This is where having a platform today that responds to this situation is essential. Video collaboration is an efficient way to link people in different locations, improve teamwork, and increase productivity.

Therefore, having a tool that allows you to achieve your objectives at an organisational level is key. Vidyo is the ideal platform developed for meetings, collaboration, customer engagement, and much more.

To learn more about the challenges that video collaboration solves, we invite you to download this infographic.

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