Three case studies to showcase latest BPA advances at ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit

Johannesburg, 12 Mar 2020
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Over the past few years, business process management has matured to the extent that innovative technologies such as AI, automation, IOT and predictive analytics have been integrated into these solutions and are changing the way businesses are run.

“One thing is clear and that is, to stay ahead of the curve, organisations need to enhance their processes and employee capabilities with intelligent technologies,” says Angela Mace, CRM and Events director at ITWeb.

This is why there will be three case studies featured at the second annual ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit, to be held on 2 and 3 April at The Forum in Bryanston.

“These case studies will delve into how technologies such as AI and automation can be integrated to boost business processes in a world where technology and markets are constantly evolving,” she adds.

ITWeb BPM & Automation Summit 2020

The ITWeb BPMA Summit, from 2 to 3 April, will explore how intelligent technologies can be integrated to supercharge your business processes. There are only a few days left before the early-bird registration closes on 20 March.

The first case study: ‘Integration of BPM into the RPA COE… or is it the other way round?’ will be presented by Corne Janse van Rensburg, head of Business Enablement | Robotic Process Automation Implementation at Wesbank. During this session, he will discuss how to know your businesses appetite for intelligent automation, as well as how RPA makes BPM sexy, how to ensure the ‘M’ in BPM can drive all forms of automation, and how to enable RPA.

The next case study: ‘Showcasing the benefits of RPA and its business application’ will be hosted by Marius Botha, senior manager: Intelligent Automation at The Foschini Group. In his talk, he will delve into using RPA to allocate resources more effectively, how RPA can help identify redundant areas and save costs using RPA for quicker turnaround times and using the cloud to save data generated by RPA systems.

The third case study: ‘The evolution of BPM to RPA and intelligent automation’ will be presented by the South African Reserve Bank’s head of the Strategy Portfolio Management Office, Leabetswe Bomvana. She will discuss what intelligent automation is and how it elevates BPM. In addition, she will cover how intelligent technologies such as RPA and AI are changing the face of BPM, how intelligent automation can assist with integrating different systems to minimise duplication and the use of intelligent automation for a holistic and complete digital transformation.

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