Cyxtera augments power of total fraud protection with Risk Orchestrator

Dynamic protection solution enables multiple Cyxtera anti-fraud products to share intelligence for better decision-making and more effective fraud case management.

Johannesburg, 21 May 2019
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Cyxtera Technologies, the secure infrastructure company, announced at the company's second annual user conference that it has enhanced the power, scale and reach of its total fraud protection platform with the launch of Risk Orchestrator.

This dynamic protection solution, available immediately, enables multiple Cyxtera anti-fraud products to share intelligence for better decision-making and more effective fraud case management. Risk Orchestrator integrates strong authentication, transaction monitoring, device context and brand monitoring, minimising the effect of complex transactional fraud schemes.

According to Juniper Research, online fraud losses are expected to double, reaching $48 billion annually over the next five years, fuelled by the continued epidemic of data breaches. Financial institutions remain responsible for preventing the execution of fraudulent financial transactions. Risk Orchestrator allows disparate solutions to communicate clearly and connect critical anti-fraud functions. This intelligence sharing results in more informed decisions that leverage contextual data, gathered across all stages of the fraud life cycle.

"Fraudsters have gotten more sophisticated in their attacks, while solutions have lagged behind, focusing on specific activity rather than the big picture," said Michael Lopez, vice-president: Total Fraud Protection.

"A layered approach is the most effective way to fight fraud, but it requires a dynamic and easy-to-use 'glue' that orchestrates fraud defence capabilities under a single pane of glass. Risk Orchestrator, a brand new capability of our total fraud protection platform, does just that."

Data is integrated into an easy-to-use console that allows users drag-and-drop control to create intuitive workflows, and enables organisations to incorporate machine learning-based analysis into their authentication process and respond to even the most advanced attacks quickly. Risk Orchestrator eliminates the burden of complex development projects and empowers customers to improve risk-quality transactions.

Some of the many use cases that Risk Orchestrator covers are:

* Risk-based authentication, which combines the power of transaction monitoring with strong step-up authentication;
* Risk and context-based authentication, which combines the power of transaction login and monitoring with multi-factor authentication; and
* Streamlined integration, combining login monitoring and device context without the need for a lengthy integration.

Cyxtera's total fraud protection suite provides comprehensive detection and prevention of electronic fraud across all devices, channels and clouds. Its products, which protect more than 125 million users at leading financial services companies, security firms, retailers and airlines, offer a one-stop shop for end-to-end fraud protection.

For more information about Risk Orchestrator, visit the Cyxtera blog here.


Cyxtera Technologies combines a worldwide footprint of more than 50 best-in-class data centres with a portfolio of modern, cloud- and hybrid-ready security and analytics offerings. In so doing, the company delivers to more than 3 500 enterprises, government agencies and service providers an integrated, secure and cyber-resilient infrastructure platform for critical applications and systems. For more information about Cyxtera, visit

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