Time to digitise public and private healthcare

Johannesburg, 25 Nov 2021
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Healthcare has been changing rapidly for many years. This change has been intensified by the global COVID-19 pandemic together with the fourth industrial revolution. This has cascaded in the acceleration of expectations by patients and providers at a rate that has never been experienced before.

The need for an integrated healthcare management system, which is underpinned by data analytics and systems integration, is now more important than ever. This will enable healthcare providers to be patient-centric and remove obstacles, creating simplicity for patients and healthcare facilities at every step of their journey. 

Gijima, the South Africa ICT giant, believes that shifting the healthcare paradigm is possible through digitisation of processes. Through its 360⁰ healthcare management system, Gijima can offer a complementary service all through: 

  • SAP ISH; and

Applying these solutions to your healthcare management process, Gijima’s 12-step cycle offers a seamless solution that eventually enables reporting designed to enable effective business operations.

Download here to get a view of Gijima’s 360⁰ healthcare management system. You can also contact Gijima to find out more by completing the form herewith.

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