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CallCabinet’s compliant call recording solution, Atmos, wins 2020 Internet Telephony Product of the Year

CallCabinet’s Atmos call recording and voice analytics platform honoured for providing industry-leading solutions within the VOIP and compliance industries.

Johannesburg, 19 Oct 2020
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CallCabinet, a leading global provider of cloud-native compliant call recording solutions, is pleased to announce that TMCnet has awarded its 2020 Internet Telephony Product of the Year award to Atmos, CallCabinet’s call recording and AI analytics platform.

“We are delighted to receive TMCnet’s Internet Telephony Product of the Year award. TMC has a venerable history of highlighting exceptional products and services within the VOIP and IP communication industries,” stated Ryan Kahan, CallCabinet Group CEO. “We’re proud the Atmos platform continues to earn recognition as a leader within the telephony industry. We’re thrilled to receive accolades for our vision to fuel innovation by providing carrier-grade solutions to global enterprises.”

CallCabinet Atmos has increased its global influence by delivering easily deployed call compliance and speech analytics to organisations of any size through a cloud subscription. The Atmos platform provides enterprises with the flexibility to pay-as-they-grow, and add advanced features such as AI-voice analytics, automated PCI redaction, QA, and agent evaluation. In May 2020, CallCabinet’s innovative integration with Microsoft Teams through Azure, made compliance recording and all of Atmos’ analytics features available to the global Teams client base. This sparked a paradigm shift that has propelled CallCabinet’s worldwide influence and solidified Atmos as a contender on the world telephony stage.

“TMCnet’s award reaffirms CallCabinet’s relentless pursuit of innovation in call recording, quality assurance, voice analytics and industry compliance,” stated Alan Ber, CallCabinet SA CEO. “Our commitment to our worldwide customer base drives us to push the limits. Including our Microsoft Teams integration, we constantly develop, test and deploy new technologies and platform upgrades that enhance the business intelligence of the global enterprises we serve.

We ensure that they have the best-in-class service solution available to them in their data-driven business environments.”

To learn more about CallCabinet Atmos and how it works for carriers, resellers and global enterprises, schedule a demo today at

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