Nebula TEM software gets a new look

Johannesburg, 11 Sep 2018
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OneView, Nebula's premier telecoms expense management solution, has had a facelift and the solution's user experience has been taken to the next level. The new interface features an improved navigation system, a beautiful minimal design style, and a strong focus on ease-of-use and practical functionality.

"We are always looking to enhance the experience of our customers, and this was our primary aim when undertaking the UI revamp," says Andre Witte, Nebula CTO. "We hope that users will be able to get even more out of OneView after the update."

Read on to find out exactly how Nebula revamped its premier TEM solution, OneView.

Creation of a new OneView design system

There is a growing need for standardisation of UI components like typography, colour palettes and widgets to allow for easy scalability of development and implementation for design teams. Developing standardised UI components for OneView means that less time needs to be spent designing components, thus freeing up more time for faster and more efficient software development and deployment. This puts Nebula in an agile position where it can quickly innovate and adapt to market trends at any time.

Improved navigation design

From a navigation perspective, Nebula says that it never wants clients to feel lost when using OneView. Sensitivity to user experience is of the utmost importance in enterprise software, thus a decision was made to enhance the navigation functionality of OneView to make the user experience as premium as possible and to keep the product at the forefront of current design standards. Location indicators and menu hierarchy have been optimised to maintain efficient navigation of the sophisticated OneView system.

Creation of a light and minimalist interface

Minimal styles are a trending feature in modern UI design and Nebula incorporated this when revamping the OneView interface. It achieved this by removing unnecessary content from the pages, dropdowns and navigation bars. The new minimal design plays a big role in drawing attention to specific content, making for an easy, efficient user experience.

Leveraging emotional design

Traditional UX design puts a strong focus on efficiency and functionality. Today, the power of emotional design as part of UX is being realised and is being increasingly used by enterprises in the design process.

In 'Designing for Emotion', Aaron Walter describes how emotional experiences make users feel like "there's a person, not a machine, at the other end of the connection".

Nebula places focus on provision of a customer-centric experience, and of course this level of service quality needs to be reflected in the OneView UI. To achieve this, a quirky yet descriptive flat-design style has been implemented for welcome screen and error pages, so that users experience positive emotions from both. In addition, personal messages were added, such as a greeting message on the welcome screen that addresses the user by name ('Nebula Welcome, *John).

What Nebula achieved

Ultimately, Nebula created a beautiful yet simple modern interface that promotes efficiency and predictability in user experience and evokes positive emotions in its users. It has also created a design system that promotes speed and consistency within its own internal development and design teams.

Nebula is at the forefront of technology expense management innovation in South Africa. If you are looking for an agile, forward-thinking partner to help optimise the cost and operational efficiency of your entire telecoms environment, Nebula would love to hear from you.

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