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White paper: Becoming ‘future of work’ ready: Follow the leaders

Johannesburg, 01 Sep 2020
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Organisations need to be at the leading edge of change in today's fast-paced world. Competition has never been fiercer than it is now, and agile companies that are innovative and disruptive will survive.

Artificial intelligence systems, IOT, AR/VR and other advanced technologies are transforming the way we conduct business and meet customer needs. These are at the heart of the digital strategies of leading firms around the world, but IDC research shows that many companies are failing to execute their digital strategies. Despite their investments, many are in a digital deadlock and are looking for ways to progress.

This deadlock reminds us of the famous quote attributed to Peter Drucker – that "culture eats strategy for breakfast". Digital strategies cannot succeed unless organisations build cultures that foster change. Given this, how can organisations break silos and foster collaboration? How can they retrain their workforce skills and bring innovation? These are some of the challenges that can be effectively addressed by "future of work" strategies.

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