Seven advantages of smart multifunction printers (MFPs)

It is time to move beyond printers to smart office assistants.

Johannesburg, 14 Dec 2020
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The era of ordinary is over. Conventional MFPs are giving way to smart office assistants – a new generation of app-powered MFPs that are easy to manage, mobile and cloud connected, more secure and customisable.

Here’s how you can tell if an MFP is truly smart:

1. Expert-free installation

Thanks to built-in installation wizards, virtually anyone can connect a smart MFP to a network and mobile devices.

2. Multiple layers of security

Hackers and data thieves love to attack unprotected MFPs. Smart MFPs stop them in their tracks with multilayer defences including encrypted hard drives, image overwriting, password protection and Xerox Secure Print.

3. Tablet-like touchscreens

If you’ve ever stared dumbstruck at a printer wondering which button to push next, you’ll appreciate smart MFP touchscreens that lead you step-by-step through tasks, like printing from the cloud or scanning to a mobile device.

4. Tap, print and go

Bypass network logins and turn up the speed on mobile printing with integrated NFC tap-to-pair, WiFi Direct and Apple AirPrint technologies. Looking for a smarter printer? You’ll want to check out the new VersaLink C405 Colour Multifunction Printer.

5. Cloud optimised

Do you archive vital documents in the cloud? Work faster and more efficiently with smart MFP apps that scan documents directly to your cloud or retrieve and print them with just a couple of clicks.

6. Customisable interface

Want to make your people happier and more productive at the same time? Create personal profiles that save each team member’s preferences (like print resolution or cloud folder address) and put favourite functions front and centre on the touchscreen.

7. Help whenever you need it

From paper jams to upside-down faxes, smart MFPs can diagnose and show you how to fix problems. You can even add an app to automatically order supplies to keep your MFP – and your office – operating without interruption. 

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