Looking for new opportunities in print? You’ll find them Beyond CMYK

Johannesburg, 25 Jan 2021
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Embellishments in fluorescents, mixed metallics, clear and white are the future. As the statistics below illustrate, they’re gaining ground with printers and their customers today – and paving the way for a more profitable tomorrow.

1.8 trillion colour pages
Thirty percent of all colour pages use special effects enhancements.[1]

Forty-two percent acquire within two years
Forty-two percent of all production printers plan to acquire new digital print enhancement equipment in the next two years.[2]

Seventy-nine percent upgraded
Seventy-nine percent of in-plant printers have upgraded equipment in the past two years to serve customers the latest and greatest capabilities.[3]

Print providers are embracing digital enhancements – for good reason

Twenty-four percent to 89% premium
Print buyers will pay a premium of 24% to 89% for Beyond CMYK.[3]

Fifty percent to 400% profit boost
Print providers offering digital enhancements are seeing a boost in profit margins from 50% to 400% – and a quick ROI on their investment.[1]

The demand for process fluorescent colour is here

56% in North America
32% in Western Europe

White and metallic gold and silver are all in high demand across both regions. Process fluorescent colours are in greater demand in North America than in Western Europe.[1]

What’s in it for marketers?

Top five reasons marketers desire printing enhancements

Most common uses for embellishments include marketing collateral, business cards, stationery, book covers, photo books, greeting cards, tickets and certificates.[4]

Bringing customers and marketers Beyond CMYK

How print providers are proving the power of embellishments[4]

  1. Sample kits 60%
  2. Direct mail 42%
  3. Customer events 32%
  4. In-house events 19%
  5. Videos 14%
  6. Webinars 11%
  7. Other 8%
  8. Not educating customers 16%

Top seven digital print embellishment offerings[4]

  1. Specialty colours (white, metallic or fluorescent) 66%
  2. Spot colours (custom mixed or Pantone colours) 63%
  3. Clear flood coatings 61%
  4. Lamination (soft touch, linen, leather) 54%
  5. Spot clear coating (offers two-dimensional effects) 46%
  6. Textured effects 42%
  7. Extended colour gamut work 32%

Bottom line: More colours = more value

The opportunity is here. Today’s digital specialty dry inks, embellishments and enhancements help printers stand out by enabling high-end print with fast turnaround times and affordable prices. Expand your colour palette, client base and profitability with specialty dry inks.

Start your Beyond CMYK journey now






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