Colubris ups SA profile

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Wireless LAN provider Colubris is raising its local profile in anticipation of scooping WiFi business ahead of next June's FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 Soccer World Cup.

It is also keen to get aboard Gautrain, says EMEA sales director Harry Stevens.

The US-based company has been active in SA for some time through Duxbury Networking and provides the technology underlying MWeb, Internet Solutions, Telkom and WirelessG hotspots.

"Colubris is already all around you," says Stevens, "you just don't know it because it is embedded."

Stevens punts the 802.11n standard as the "next thing" in WiFi - both for hotspots and for enterprise. It is substantially more powerful than the current 802.11g standard and rivals many wire LANs, with a throughput of 140Mbps and a data rate of 300Mbps, he notes.

He says the new standard has major implications for enterprise, in particular, as it represents a fundamental change in the market because of the dramatic boost in capacity and speed it represents to the end-user.

As a result, many high-resolution applications that have up to now required LAN will be accessible via wireless means.

Stevens believes this will be particularly relevant to organisations wanting to deploy high-resolution video applications such as remote surveillance or video conferencing, as well as health practitioners wanting access to medical imaging applications such as magnetic resonance.

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