New app for public transport commuters

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The Gauteng-based public transport app is now available.
The Gauteng-based public transport app is now available.

Commuters can now access real-time transit information, timetables and fares at the touch of a button following the launch of public transport mobile app, Gauteng on the Move.

Introduced by the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport last week, the app allows users to plan their journeys, with the option to select their desired public transport modes.

The Gauteng-based app will provide commuters with real-time and point-to-point information when moving from a current to a desired location.

Gauteng on the Move integrates all the different public transport services, including the Gautrain, Metrobus, A re Yeng, Rea Vaya, Metrorail, Gautrain Bus Services, Johannesburg City Sightseeing Bus, Tshwane Bus Services as well as minibus taxi services.

Ismail Vadi, Gauteng roads and transport MEC, explained that the provincial department recognised the need for smart technology and intelligent transport systems as inherent contributors to the development of the transport system.

"We are already seeing the power of technological innovation that is reshaping public transport services, marketing and consumption.

"There's no doubt that global technological changes are sparking a revolution in the transport sector, and we must adopt and adapt to these changes."

According to Vadi, the launch of the app fits into the province's modernisation agenda.

The Gauteng government is determined to be a leader in the innovation and research and development (R&D) sectors, and the launch of the app reinforces the province's ambition.

The MEC pointed out that the province will use innovation and R&D emanating from the Fourth Industrial Revolution to promote a smart province to improve efficiency and access to transport services.

"This will be pursued through strategic investments in ICT infrastructure. The Gauteng provincial government has invested time, effort and resources into the development of this journey planner application that will allow commuters to seamlessly connect to major transport modes within the province."

Commuters can download the app free of charge from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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