Cisco Connect SSA 2019: a securely connected world

The 2019 event will host industry specialists who will provide insight around Cisco's four pillars of business, which are Collaboration, Security, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Network.

Johannesburg, 16 Jan 2019
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Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco.
Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for sub-Saharan Africa, Cisco.

According to the latest Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI), by 2022, more IP traffic will cross global networks than in all prior 'Internet years' (up to the end of 2016). In other words, more traffic will be created in 2022 than in the 32 years since the Internet started. However, increased connectivity brings with it increased concerns around security.

Businesses are more preoccupied than ever before with how they can protect their networks from attacks from all vectors, including cyber attacks via e-mail- and Web site-delivered malware and hacker intrusion attacks. The emphasis is on identifying vulnerabilities, fast threat detection and response.

Yet, as cyber threats become increasingly complex, the drive globally is towards simpler and more cost-effective security, a trend that will be unpacked at Cisco Connect Sub-Saharan Africa 2019, to be held at Sun City, in South Africa, from 19 to 21 May.

Clayton Naidoo, General Manager for Cisco in sub-Saharan Africa, says today's businesses want security purchases to be simplified, while at the same time allowing budgets to go further. They also need to be able to respond faster to new security challenges as they arise.

In line with the world's fast-changing requirements around security, Cisco is evolving how it issues its cyber security report. Naidoo explains: "January/February has traditionally been the time when we issued our Annual Cybersecurity Report; however, this year our approach is changing.

"We are no longer publishing an annual report, nor will we issue a mid-year cyber report. Instead, Cisco will present smaller thought leadership reports throughout the year that target a specific buyer persona such as the CISO, the data privacy officer or the practitioner/threat analyst."

Three cyber security reports that will be issued by Cisco during the first quarter of 2019 include the Privacy Maturity Benchmark Study, to be launched by the end of January; the Cybersecurity Threat Benchmark Report, to be published in February and which includes a review of threats from 2018; and the CISO Cybersecurity Benchmark Report, which incorporates data points extracted from a survey of 3 000 security professionals.

Cisco's forward-thinking approach to cyber security will be evidenced at Cisco Connect SSA 2019, where attendees will have access to Cisco experts to take them through the latest products, technologies and network solutions, while being able to choose between 60 breakout sessions structured around the four pillars of Collaboration, Security, Digital Transformation and Enterprise Network.

One of the presenters under the Security pillar is IT law specialist Coriene Vermaak, who specialises in ICT technologies and network security, and who will provide insight into legislation around cyber security.

Interested delegates are encouraged to register at, where they will be able to find additional information around the agenda, speakers and sponsors.

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