Make Xero the new hero: The efficient way to expand your accounting software to suit your business

Accountants can expand on Xero’s core functionality in order to design and implement bespoke backend solutions, from integration to automation, in their clients’ businesses.

Johannesburg, 14 Jan 2020
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Stepping into the cloud has never been easier. Linx has had huge success in helping companies to transition onto the cloud and to modernise their backend systems by eliminating legacy processes. It has also been successful at creating unique custom solutions suited to these companies and their clients’ businesses.

With its recently launched Xero-certified plugin, Linx offers accountants the ability to expand on Xero’s core functionality in order to design and implement bespoke backend solutions, from integration to automation, in their clients’ businesses.

The plugin makes it possible to integrate a client’s custom backend, and automate systems and processes, customised to the business. This means anything from tracking employee timesheets and managing pay with automatically generated payslips, to leave management, taxation handling et al. This means you can quickly integrate systems to get the best from your investment in cloud accounting.

Anthony Morris, Head of Marketing at Twenty57, describes Linx as “a low-code development tool that helps to create rich business- and process-focused applications with technically complex tasks and multiple steps, without having to write a single line of code”. This allows for the rapid integration and automation of business solutions, systems and databases. 

“Typically we’ve managed to develop bespoke solutions five times faster than traditional software development. This means our clients can spend less time sourcing and reviewing code and more time on the more important areas of their business. It is also a tremendous cost save,” says Morris.

Integrating a Linx solution and measuring its success is also a simple task. Gawie Yssel, CTO and founder of Twenty57, explains: “Using a Linx solution is a gradual, measured approach, which reduces project risk by minimising large-scale commitments and means that you don’t have to commit to long-term technology decisions at the outset.

“It also makes it easier for the people on the ground to measure what’s actually happening; something that’s very difficult when automation is adopted en masse. This gradual approach means that our clients are always in control of the process and it gives them peace of mind by allowing them to modernise their business systems at an affordable rate and at their own pace.”

This easy-to-use platform means that Linx has developed highly successful long-term relationships with a number of clients. Accounting firms can now gain a competitive advantage by expanding Xero beyond its core functionality by having a specialist partner to lean on, which means they can concentrate on their core business, land more clients and sell the service on to their clients, increasing their revenue.

The client also gets a bespoke solution suited exactly to their needs, complete automation, which reduces repetitive work, increases efficiency, removes human error and syncs the entire system across the business. This means greater efficiency, accuracy, control and productivity. This, coupled with Linx’s experience, allows any business to streamline their processes and get ahead of the game.

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