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Johannesburg, 06 Mar 2019
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Kemtek is honoured to have the opportunity to showcase the HP Indigo 6900 digital press at Propak Africa 2019. Be sure to visit the Kemtek/Midcomp stand to see this digital printer in action and learn more about its transformative capabilities.

The HP Indigo 6900 has been optimised for productivity and performance. If you're in the digital label and packaging production business, this narrow-web label and packaging digital press offers previously unheard-of opportunities to boost both the quality of your output and your profitability.

HP Indigo 6900 digital press.
HP Indigo 6900 digital press.

As you'd expect from HP, the performance of this digital press is impressive: with seven-colour support and the ability to print on substrates varying in thickness from 12-450 microns, it can achieve print speeds of up to 40m a minute in Enhanced Productivity Mode. When used as a one- or two-colour printer, it can maintain speeds of up to 60m a minute; that's approaching human walking speed, but it never gets tired!

Any label that you can imagine, you can print on the HP Indigo 6900. It delivers on all the key performance indicators you're looking for, from print quality to task automation.

Choose your substrate

Perhaps the most compelling reason to invest in the HP Indigo 6900 is its versatility. This digital press boasts the ability to produce almost any packaging application, including paper and synthetic or film shrink sleeves, labels and flexible packaging. It is equally adept at creating wrap-around labels and folding cartons: it's the complete package.

Value-add application options offer you the chance to deliver a superior product with better profit margins. These include printing in special inks and with the optional HP Indigo GEM (Graphics EMbellishment) digital printing and embellishment unit, foil, tactile, varnish and special effects, all of which can be achieved in a single pass. This functionality gives your customers much greater potential when it comes to engaging with their consumers, thanks to eye-catching packaging that can compete successfully for attention in an increasingly cluttered world.

Mass customisation, in line with today's hottest packaging trends, can be easily achieved by using the HP Indigo 6900 in conjunction with HP's revolutionary SmartStream Mosaic software. From just one seed file, you can now create an almost infinite number of variations on a theme.

Join the resistance

Depending on the application they've been created for, labels can be exposed to many different environmental factors that can compromise their legibility. A label that can no longer be read is, of course, worse than useless, but by using HP Pack Ready for Labels, you have the perfect workaround.

You can now extend the working life of your customers' labels and improve their resistance to sunlight, water, chemicals and even being scraped off. HP Pack Ready for Labels cross-links the upper and lower levels of the label, ensuring enduring readability in even the most demanding of circumstances.

Quality and quantity

With the HP Indigo 6900, performance is achieved without compromising on quality. That allows you, as a label and packaging converter, to guarantee to your clients that their cherished brand is in safe hands. With the ability to match 97% of Pantone colours using CMYK or HP IndiChrome six- or seven-colour processes or mix Pantone-approved spot colours off-press, there is no danger of deviation from brand guidelines, regardless of volume or the substrate that you're printing on.

This is further guaranteed by the HP Color Automation Package, while the HP 6900 can match the quality of gravure printing when it comes to accurate colour registration.

Sustainable growth

The productivity potential and cloud connectivity of the HP 6900 digital press makes it the ideal way to grow your business. While you're delivering superb narrow-web label and packaging printing results to your clients today, you might also to like to know that this digital printer is playing its part in securing a better future for all of us.

When you select Enhanced Productivity Mode, you get 3-colour printing and a 33% increase in throughput while using 25% less energy. The future is fast, bright and, in the shape of the HP Indigo 6900 digital press, it's here already.

Kemtek looks forward to giving you a demonstration of the HP Indigo 6900 at Propak Africa 2019. In the meantime, you can learn more about this incredible digital printing machine on the company's Web site.

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