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Johannesburg, 07 Feb 2002
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Asyst International SA today announced the availability of Unite!, a professional membership and payment tracking software package for unions, clubs and organisations.

This software, developed locally by Asyst International, can be utilised in a free-standing mode, integrated with the Access Accounts financial accounting software package or other third-party software such as Crystal Reports or ProClarity, and comes with links to payroll such as PERSAL.

"Unions and clubs have a need for flexible, stable software that will easily enable them to trace their members and track subscription payments or donations," commented Paul Marketos, MD of Asyst International SA.

"This system needed to be comprehensive and yet easy to use; for example we included simple ad hoc mailing lists across all areas of the system, so clients can target contact people regardless of whether they are members, prospects or committee people."

Unite! was developed using thin-client technology to keep the system costs as low as possible. With a browser-based system, remote users can access the application without any need for additional hardware or software. In addition, once an application is installed on the server, it can easily be deployed to all users. A single point of deployment dramatically simplifies the roll-out of applications. Administrators have a simpler means of controlling IT resources as well as a greater level of control over IT resources.

Reporting is a vital component of a membership system. Unite! comes bundled with over 25 standard reports to detail the most immediate reporting requirements. However, Unite! also offers an ad hoc query tool that allows users to create additional reports on the fly. Users can decide what information they need when they need it. A simple yet effective tool, the ad hoc query tool permits users to manage their data themselves, allowing them to make decisions in a more timeous manner.

"Unite has already been successfully installed at DENOSA, the South African Nursing Association, which has some 70 000 members," added Paul Marketos, MD of Asyst International SA. "We have worked extensively with DENOSA to ensure that the system satisfies their comprehensive requirements and know that they are more than prepared to act as a reference site to other potential users," continued Marketos.

The software runs on SQL Server 7 or on NT 2000 and is ODBC compliant. It is highly customisable by the user and is scalable from 5 to 500 users, although there is no restriction on the size of the data file. Significant security features are also incorporated within the product, in order to protect unauthorised access to and interference with the database information.

The software is available on a monthly charge that includes user training at Asyst`s premises and the relevant consultancy oriented around its installation.

For further information, please contact Justine de Vos, Marketing Manager, Asyst International SA: tel (011) 622-0112, fax (011) 622-0124, e-mail

Asyst International SA

Asyst International SA is a subsidiary of UK-based Asyst International, providing experienced Consultancy, specialising in the provision and improvement of Business Information Systems. Asyst International is an established expert in financial and business intelligence software systems, providing solutions to improve business efficiency, reduce operating costs and increase profits, and believes in a hands-on approach, from a tailored proposal, through to the best software design and systems configuration, to providing on-going training and support. It is also the sole distributor of Access Accounts in SA and Mauritius.

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