E-learning helps sports players

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E-learning helps sports players

According to USNews, Richard Astro, a Drexel University English professor, has proposed the online option as a way for players to continue an education even as they pursue their lives in baseball.

So far, more than 20 players have taken courses or are signed up to begin soon. About a dozen will get degrees from Drexel; others will apply the credits to schools where they`ve already done coursework.

Courses include baseball and literature (the reading list features Bernard Malamud`s The Natural and W P Kinsella`s Shoeless Joe), sports and social issues (online discussions will focus on Jackie Robinson`s legacy, the Berlin and Munich Olympics, and the role of the contemporary sports hero, among other topics).

Wales turns libraries into e-learning sites

According to Public, the Welsh Assembly Government Minister for Culture, Welsh Language and Sport, is encouraging more adults into lifelong learning and develop their skills - using libraries and e-learning.

The "Gateways to Learning" initiative will be linking more than 50 public and academic libraries aims to enhance the contribution of the region`s libraries to lifelong learning.

Although initially it will run until August 2007, is hoped to become sustainable as a permanent collaboration of the partner libraries, and that the concept may be extended to cover all of Wales.

Learning technologies summit this week

On the 12th October, the Learning Technologies Summit will be taking place in London, to focuses on learning, development and training within organisations, says Symposium Events.

This conference outlines strategies for blended learning and e-learning and offers new approaches to learning and training technologies, exploring future trends, challenging assumptions and examining case studies.

Benefits from government training grants are examined and three interactive workshops focus on improving performance through collaboration, effective communication methods and developing on-line content.

Universal access to Jamaican schools

According to the Jamaican Gleaner, Dell World Trade (Dell) and Illuminat Jamaica have emerged as preferred bidders for the building out of a broadband wide area network and the provision of IT equipment to the much-touted e-learning project to bring universal access to Jamaican schools.

The National Contracts Commission endorsed the three contracts in August which will have Dell build out the network that should connect 150 high schools across the country and provide computer equipment, under two contracts at a cost of US$25.9 million.

Illuminat would provide audio visual and multimedia equipment for classrooms at a cost of US$2.3 million. The contracts together totalled close to US$28.2 million.

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