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Gordon Morrison, GB Sales Director for the Tyco access control and video brands, explains why Johnson Controls places a high value on its Partner Training Programs.

Johannesburg, 04 Feb 2019
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Tyco, the security products division of Johnson Controls, does not sell direct to end-users. Its route to market is via the companies that install and commission its solutions. Tyco therefore strives to provide its certified systems integrator partners with the best support in order to ensure they are able to deliver maximum value from Tyco's solutions to their end-user clients.

In this respect, Tyco has pre-sales specialists for each of its access control and video brands, and they work closely with the company's systems integrator partners to ensure the best fit solution is selected for the customer.

To support this effort, Tyco is accelerating its plans to have Partner Training Programs for many of its leading brands. The company already has C-Cure and Exacq partner programmes, and is looking at how these can be enhanced, but it will also be rolling out other programmes over the coming months, says Gordon Morrison, GB Sales Director for the Tyco access control and video brands.


As an example, the excaqVision Training Certification Program enables system integrators to demonstrate they have the necessary knowledge and skills to help end-users take full advantage of Exacq's long list of innovative and practical features.

With Exacq VMS increasingly being placed at the heart of high security and mission-critical projects, the training certification programme allows end-users to choose from a pool of highly trained and certified systems integrators, which are able to install and support Exacq video management software (VMS) to a high standard. This is because successful completion of the Foundation, Advanced and Elite intensive training and evaluation courses results in systems integrators being awarded exacqVision Authorised Integrator, Select Integrator or Elite Integrator level certifications.

Subject to the level achieved, the certifications come with a wide range of other benefits the integrator can utilise for its customers' solutions, including camera licences. In addition, Advanced and Elite partners will have preferential access to technical support services, marketing support and a free demonstration version of Exacq Enterprise level software.

E-mail: BTS-EMEA-TycoSales@jci.com for more information about the Tyco Partner Training Program.

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