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Tactile Technologies expands footprint into Asia

Johannesburg, 06 May 2020
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For the first time, Tactile Technologies is taking its range east. The team has welcomed Taiwan-based Jason Lin on board, who will be responsible for the company’s product and supply chain management in Asia.

"This is just one of many steps we are taking to strengthen our offering to our customers," notes Mauro Mercuri, Group Director for the Tactile Technologies Group. Lin will assist us with strengthening existing relationships, forming new ones, evaluating possible manufacturers to work with, discovering new products and technologies and enhancing our current operations and communication. “This move will help us to serve our customers better and faster, which is priceless in this fast-paced business landscape.”

Jason Lin has taken on the role because he understands the Tactile brand and is always looking for new ways to expand his skillset. “We all know that automation and artificial intelligence are threatening jobs. This job will allow me to develop new skills, while sharing my expertise, so that I am a more valuable employee.” Being able to speak Mandarin, he believes that he will successfully bridge the gap between Tactile and its partners in the East. “Because I am on the ground, I have an inside view into eastern culture and how people work on this side of the world.”

Lin has been working with Mercuri since 2011. “I have known Jason for many years and I am both excited and honoured to have him as part of the Tactile Technologies team. As an individual, Jason shares many of Tactile’s values, including respect, integrity and commitment,” says Mercuri. He is also very customer- focused, which is exactly what Tactile is about, he adds.

"Already we are seeing great value," concludes Mercuri. “And I foresee further immense benefit to come from us having this partnership set up.”

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