White paper: Why an intelligent data cloud is key to digital transformation

Johannesburg, 28 Mar 2022
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In today’s world of digital disruption, organisations in every field face threats from alternatives with better technology, better business models, better operational value chains and better customer experiences.

Digital transformation is not a new phenomenon, but more recently we’ve seen it accelerate across retail, healthcare, financial services, transportation, automotive, media and entertainment and manufacturing. We’re seeing digital innovators disrupt incumbents’ business models left and right by innovating at a much faster pace.

These digital innovators understand the power of unifying data across their organisation to drive real transformation and value creation. They get the impact of resilient, mission-critical databases, analytics and machine learning systems that can reliably run the business 24/7 and power innovation. Digital innovators are building their data clouds with a platform that’s open, intelligent and trusted, and they are doing it now.

Please download our white paper to learn more. 

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