White paper: Exploring the role of monitors in improving employee experience

Western Cape, 06 Jul 2020
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In today’s ever-competitive business landscape, organisations are in a constant battle to differentiate themselves in their capabilities and services to their customers. In this light, customer experience (CX) has become a vital focus area for business and technology leaders to address because of its direct impact on business growth.

While there is merit in investing in external offerings for bettering customer experience and service capabilities, looking internally at shaping the right experience for those who serve these customers – the employees – is just as important. Technology plays an important part in enabling CX improvement, both internally and externally.

Nonetheless, improving CX moves beyond internal enablers of employee productivity and extends to the larger scope of improving employee experience (EX) as a whole. With positive EX in an organisation, employees are likely to be more engaged and deliver an experience that customers will remember positively. To improve their customer experience, organisations must focus on improving their employee experience as well. In 2019, Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to explore this correlation further to specifically understand the role investment in monitors has in improving EX.

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