Intel dubs new processor price-buster

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Intel dubs new processor price-buster

Intel says it has introduced a new Atom processor to bring down the price of netbooks in emerging markets to under $200, but the lower price may come at a performance penalty, reports PC World.

According to CNet, Intel is trying to reinvent the laptop as a tablet minus the keyboard. It is also attempting to make a laptop very thin and portable like an iPad and has borrowed some of the tablet's main - and most compelling - design attributes.

Alternatively, the Ultrabook could be seen as the death knell for the netbook, the small, Atom processor-based laptop. But Intel is still promoting the netbook for developing markets in Asia and elsewhere.

Intel aims to convert 40% of consumer laptops to the new category by the end of 2012, reveals Bloomberg

The company is trying to help the PC industry beat back the iPad, which has attracted consumers seeking a thin, affordable computer.

Meanwhile, the Information Week reports that the second wave of Ultrabooks will be released during the first half of next year and will be based on Intel's upcoming Ivy Bridge processors, as well as USB 3 0 and Thunderbolt technologies.

The third and final Ultrabook wave is expected to materialise in 2013, based on a new Core processor design code-named Haswell.

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