Local ICT firms crowd-source computer donations

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ICT firms Tarsus Technology Group, Go Rentals and Dispose-IT have encouraged South African businesses to donate laptops, desktops and tablets, noting that both working and non-working equipment is accepted.

This after they redirected their resources in partnership with global IT giant HP to roll out IT hardware to learners and schools during the COVID-19 crisis, to ensure education continues during school closures.

The move is in line with the global non-profit initiative, HP Refresh, which has now been launched in SA, and encourages businesses to donate their old and unwanted laptops and desktops to the programme.

According to a statement, the devices will be securely wiped of data, sanitised, reloaded with a basic operating system and distributed to deserving schools and colleges countrywide.

“Almost all countries across Africa have faced some form of school and university closures to contain the pandemic,” says Elisabeth Moreno, vice-president and MD of HP Africa. “This means there are a very large number of children and young people that are not receiving any form of schooling.”

“HP Refresh will make sure students can keep learning during this challenging time by helping communities upgrade older PCs that are considered outdated or underpowered. I’m excited that our partners Tarsus Distribution and Dispose-IT made the programme roll out in South Africa so quickly. Only by joining efforts can we overcome the challenge.”

In the statement, the ICT firms indicate that even old devices can be upgraded with simple operating systems that work in the school environment.

Furthermore, they have committed their configuration centres to assisting with the repair, configuration and logistics. “Your old computer is a gift that allows a child to learn from home; every unit counts.”

Despite the initiative being driven by HP, it has made it clear that equipment donations are completely brand-agnostic and any and all brands made available will be welcomed with open arms.

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