Skybox Security earns five-star review for risk management

SC Magazine awards Skybox five stars in its October 2019 group test for risk management solutions.

San Jose, Calif., 16 Oct 2019
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Skybox Security, a global leader in cyber security management solutions, has earned a five-star review in SC Magazine’s Risk Management Group Test. This is one of several five-star reviews Skybox has received from the publication.

Earlier this year, Skybox also took home SC Media’s European award for Best Vulnerability Management Solution and its US award for Best Risk and Security Policy Management.

The review highlights several Skybox capabilities, including:

  • Visibility into risk via attack surface modelling;
  • Customisable risk scoring and accurate prioritisation leveraging severity, exploitability, asset importance and exposure;
  • Automated firewall management and continuous monitoring for optimisation and compliance issues; and
  • Validation of security policy enforcement and on-demand reporting.

“One thing this review really captures is Skybox’s ability to analyse the attack surface in all its complexity and focus attention where it’s needed most,” said Skybox VP of Products Amrit Williams. “Risk management isn’t just a check-the-box exercise – it requires a living knowledge of the organisation and threat landscape as it changes to accurately identify and prioritise risk, and respond intelligently. Our solutions are automating and orchestrating those processes so that security teams not only know what to do but, in many cases, know Skybox is already handling those tasks for them.”

The attack simulation feature of Skybox Vulnerability Control was called out as a particular strength, noting that it “conducts millions of path analysis queries, providing a picture of overall asset exposure to help analysts define risk by understanding what exposure looks like”.

Exposure analysis is indeed a feature that sets Skybox apart from other vendors, having the capability to determine if a vulnerable asset is exposed to a threat origin or protected by security controls. This delivers a sound business benefit by reducing the need for patches on adequately protected assets, or by identifying security controls to mitigate risk, increasing the value and impact of these solutions. As the review states: “Risk prioritisation and asset classification put the focus where it is needed most.”

To read the full review, click here.

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