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Uber, Mastercard support frontline workers with free trips, meals

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Financial services corporation Mastercard has partnered with Uber to provide free trips and meals to those supporting communities across Middle East and Africa (MEA).

As cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) continue to escalate, socio-economic community initiatives have become more important, as many people are unable to work and provide necessities for their families.

Uber has introduced what it says is its largest region-wide community programme, to provide 120 000 free trips to frontline workers in MEA, including SA, as they work tirelessly to continue to support, feed and protect communities.

The ride-hailing firm is utilising its technology to make available its wide network of drivers to ensure those who are supporting communities and the many frontline workers who need to be mobile have a reliable and efficient way of getting around.

Once qualifying workers have successfully signed up through Uber’s Web site, they can arrange transportation to and from their homes and to where they are needed, such as healthcare facilities or to feed the vulnerable.

Mastercard says it is also applying its technology, philanthropy and data science expertise to rebuild healthy communities and ensure economic growth is inclusive. As millions of people across the world come together to support, feed and protect their communities, Mastercard is extending its support to help those who help others.

“Mastercard continues to partner with digital players across the value chain to build a more connected world by supporting our communities,” says Amnah Ajmal, executive VP market development at Mastercard, MEA.

“With our partner Uber, we are committed to support healthcare and essential workers who are working tirelessly to take care of us. Uber’s mission to improve lives is matched with Mastercard’s mission of doing well by doing good. Together, we are focused on helping frontline workers across the region feel confident and safe with access to free transportation.”

Uber is available in 16 cities in Sub-Saharan Africa and in over 10 000 cities in 65 countries globally.

This strategic partnership between Mastercard and Uber spans across the region. The companies say the power of this partnership is evident in Uber’s latest partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to deliver chronic medication to vulnerable patients who cannot travel. Uber has also been able to assist Doctors Without Borders to collect thermometers and transport them to clinics across SA.

Anthony le Roux, regional GM, Uber, Middle East and Africa, points out: “It is our role to help society by providing relief, especially to those who work tirelessly to support our communities.

“We are proud to be working alongside Mastercard to ensure those supporting our communities, especially those on the frontline, have access to safe and reliable transport.”

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