Casino Online SA brings data-driven approach to online casino industry

Johannesburg, 13 Oct 2020
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Today, Schlossbrink, a leader in online entertainment, announced the relaunch of its online casino ratings platform. Casino Online SA was first launched in 2015 to bring honest casino reviews to South Africa. The relaunch sees the Web site using an investigative and data-driven approach that has successfully powered other sites in the group.

The online casino industry in South Africa is booming, online payment systems have made it easier than ever to get started and a flood of high-quality games mean the entertainment factor has never been higher. While this is generally great news for players, it has also meant that choosing the best online casino has never been tougher. Casino Online SA has been rebuilt from the ground up to get players to the best online casinos with a minimum of effort.

Bjorn Michels, CEO of Casino Online SA, is excited to bring a data-driven approach to the online entertainment industry in South Africa: “People want to know that they are being given a truly honest appraisal of casinos, but the current comparison space in SA is full of bias – mainly resulting from profit-making motives.”

He continues: “With our transparent and algorithmic approach to the data, we can guarantee that only the best casinos are highlighted. We can also guarantee that we will never change our objective approach for anyone. So many consumer industries rely on objective data-driven analysis these days, and we felt that it was time the online casino industry in South Africa got on board with this trend.”

The Casino Online SA team has researched over 110 casinos and collected a combined set of over 7 700 data points. By applying an algorithmic approach to the data collected, Casino Online SA provides transparent and objective analysis on the best (and worst!) casinos in South Africa.

To accompany this data-driven approach, the research team has also written over 200 000 words of analysis to better assist players in making an informed choice. By maintaining a data-first approach to scoring, the algorithms arrange the casino lists to ensure that clients always find the best casinos first.

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