Survey to de-mystify BI dilemma

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Many companies experience data irregularities because they do not proactively manage accurate data management across the organisation.

This is according to Carina Shaw, CEO of ASG Performance Solutions, who says companies that struggle to get accurate data often lack processes that would ensure data is captured, maintained and reported on in a coherent and disciplined manner.

In order to determine why companies face data challenges, and how to achieve return on investment from business intelligence (BI) solutions, ASG Performance Solutions has partnered with ITWeb to conduct a BI survey.

The survey seeks to discover the level of satisfaction businesses have with their BI providers, solutions and executive reporting, as well as how companies are utilising their BI solutions. Shaw adds that the survey will provide an overview of the most-used BI providers, and to what extent BI solutions address day-to-day BI requirements.

Almost all organisations continuously struggle to provide and maintain accurate data. Shaw suggests this is a combination of a lack of skills, lack of understanding of the importance of accurate data and BI, as well as a lack of focus.

Shaw says it is important for organisations to look for a BI partner, rather than a BI provider, to support them through their BI life cycles in accumulating data, analysing it and turning it into insight. “Someone that will 'journey' with them to nurture a culture where BI adds immediate and long-term value to their business.”

According to Shaw, accurate data is the foundation of a BI solution that provides real business value. “In the absence of a well-defined and well-executed data management strategy, no real business value will ever be obtained from any BI solution, irrespective of technology.”

In addition to a good BI solution, organisations need to make sure a well-defined governance process is executed to support data integrity. Shaw explains that governance processes must be driven in the context of an organisation; meaning the right behaviour has to be in line with the organisation's value system.

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