Samsung to get VMware's mobile virtualisation

Johannesburg, 06 Sep 2011
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Samsung to get VMware's mobile virtualisation

VMware plans to bring mobile virtualisation to Samsung phones running the Android operating system, potentially allowing people to consolidate their corporate and personal settings and applications into a single device, reports ZDNet.

The partnership, revealed at VMworld in Las Vegas, sees Samsung join LG as another phone manufacturer working with VMware on implementing the VMware Horizon Mobile technology in Android handsets.

“We've started a strategic partnership with Samsung to bring the same [mobile virtualisation] solutions to their Android devices,” VMware's CTO Stephen Herrod told attendees at VMworld.

Meanwhile, IT Pro Portal notes that VMware has partnered with Cisco and other tech giants to come up with a new way to solve the virtual-network configuration problem.

During the VMWorld conference, the company previewed what it calls the Virtual Extensible LAN, or VXLAN. The company said it was partnering with Cisco, Arista Networks, Emulex, Broadcom, and Intel to standardise the technology in cloud computing networks.

Virtualisation providers have come with ways to move around virtual machines in the cloud but it remains difficult for administrators to manage the virtual network as it still requires a fair bit amount of manual configuration.

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