Postbank irons out IT systems glitch

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Postbank says its services have been fully restored, following a technical glitch that left customers unable to transact via its banking systems.

Last week, Postbank notified customers of ongoing technical difficulties affecting the ability to perform most banking functions, including withdrawal of the special social relief of distress grants, also known as the R350 grants.

The financial solutions provider said the system glitch was the result of an outage in one of its data centres.

In a statement issued at the weekend, Postbank says the technical difficulties have been resolved and the system is now fully operational.

“Customers can now access full Postbank services across many of our channels, including ATMs, retail merchants and in-branch transactions.

“Social relief of distress grants payments through our retail merchant partners − including Pick n Pay, Boxer, Checkers and Usave − have also been fully restored and beneficiaries are able to access their grant monies through these channels.”

According to Postbank, SASSA beneficiaries accessing their grants through the SASSA/SAPO-branded gold payment card were not impacted by the system outage.

These beneficiaries can continue to access their funds through ATMs, SAPO branches as well as retail merchants, it adds.

“We apologise to our valued customers for the inconvenience caused by this incident and thank them for their patience.”

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