Broadcom introduces industry’s first enterprise-grade support for Eclipse Che4z and VS Code4z

New initiative opens mainframe development to modern, open source-based IDEs, driving new levels of productivity and value to customer.

Johannesburg, 18 Nov 2019
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CA Southern Africa has revealed that Broadcom (NASDAQ: AVGO) has announced the introduction of the industry’s first enterprise-grade support for new extensions of Eclipse Che 7 — the first Kubernetes-native integrated development environment (IDE) for developer teams leveraging the mainframe platform. As the first-ever open source-based set of IDE extensions for mainframe application development, developers can now use their existing tools to easily build innovative apps leveraging the data and processes residing on the mainframe.

This innovative new offering, combined with Broadcom’s CA Brightside support of the Open Mainframe Project Zowe framework, provides enterprises with the confidence they need to introduce true, modern DevOps tools within their mainframe environment. With enterprise-grade support, IT organisations are now in a position to accelerate their digital transformation initiatives.

“One of the components of a successful digital transformation initiative is its ability to facilitate the use of applications and data across a multitude of platforms, inclusive of mainframes. Developer tools that render mainframe-based development accessible to modern developers by means of familiar tools and IDEs enhance the developer experience for mainframe application development,” said Arnal Dayaratna, research director, Software Development, IDC. “Given Broadcom’s strategy of focusing on open tools and proven enterprise support for Project Zowe, CA Endevor Enterprise Bridge for Git to CA Endevor and Eclipse Che, Che4z lowers the barriers for organisations to extend the value of their mainframe investment, while providing a familiar build and test environment.”

Today’s developers spend the bulk of their day immersed in IDE and software configuration management (SCM). While career mainframe programmers can continue to use existing tools, the real future of mainframe DevOps focuses on millennial and off-platform developers who prefer to use familiar tools.

“Eclipse Che simplifies collaboration and enables teams to provision developer workspaces without getting bogged down with configuration tasks — all while helping to protect source code. These benefits are just a few of the reasons the project has grown, as evidenced by the release of Che 7,” said Brad Micklea, vice-president of Developer Tools, Programs and Advocacy at Red Hat. “As one of the early contributors to Eclipse Che, Red Hat is excited to see it applied to cloud-native, database and IOT development challenges. Now Broadcom has taken this even further to simplify mainframe development. We’re looking forward to continuing our support of this open source project and working with collaborators to further expand Che's use cases.”

“Broadcom is continuously improving how mainframe technologies can help clients move faster in their digital transformation journey. Our strategy to embrace open technologies on the mainframe is unique because we see the value of those technologies working together with today’s existing tools.” said Greg Lotko, senior vice-president and general manager, Mainframe Division, Broadcom. “Our announcement to provide enterprise support for Eclipse Che and VS Code extensions is yet another step in providing the confidence our clients need to adopt these open tools for the mainframe.”

“For many years, Broadcom has played an invaluable role in the community-led innovation hosted by the Eclipse Foundation,” said Mike Milinkovich, executive director at the Eclipse Foundation. “Their participation in the release of Eclipse Che 7, the industry's first Kubernetes-native IDE, is a perfect example. We look forward to Broadcom’s contributions and leadership as the Eclipse community collaborates on the next generation of cloud development tools.”

The Eclipse Che4z and VS Code4z extensions, previously contributed by Broadcom to the open source community, will now be fully supported. Broadcom’s customers using CA Endevor as their SCM, with the Git option, will benefit from these tools as well.

The power of open source communities will be integral to future innovations on the mainframe. Developers can now contribute to the Che4z project by clicking here.

For more information about enterprise support for Eclipse Che, please contact your Broadcom sales representative.

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