Intuate Group set to provide economic relief with flexible contact centre offering

By Nicolette de Wit, Intuate Group CEO

Johannesburg, 12 Aug 2019
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Specialist IT solutions company Intuate Group is determined to bring some flexibility back to the contact centre industry with its latest offering. With more than 19 years’ experience in the industry, the company’s leaders, in conjunction with its technology partner, Nixxis, have devised a number of financial models that will give organisations the opportunity to switch to the latest technology without the burden of being bound to lengthy, inflexible contracts.

“We have done an immense amount of research within the industry and a common problem that always surfaces is restriction. Companies feel that the standard 12-month to 36-month contract with technology vendors does not offer them the kind of flexibility they are looking for in an ever-changing contact centre landscape,” says Intuate Group CEO Nicolette de Wit.

“With our new financial models, organisations can rest assured that the technology will complement the changing needs of their business, and organisations will have the freedom to add or remove modules when required,” De Wit continues.

The core Nixxis system includes inbound, outbound, all modes of dialler capability, ACD, IVR, Web chat and voice recording. Unlike traditional contact centre software suppliers, the Nixxis Unified Digital Communication platform will levy no additional licence fees should an agent utilise more than one communication channel at a time.

Clients will have the opportunity to choose a financial model that suits their business and current needs, with the opportunity to change tack as their business needs evolve. The versatile Nixxis software can be installed, configured and commissioned within days as an on-premises capex, hosted private cloud, or on-premises software rental deployment.

Apart from providing all the necessary contact centre functionality, the solution suite also has pre-defined APIs, allowing for easy integration into traditional ERP, CRM and workforce management applications. In addition, it accommodates digital connectivity to chatbots, speech analytics, agent sentiment, social media, etc. All of these features and functionalities are readily available with no medium to long-term contractual lock-in. Nixxis clients have reported increases in profitability and productivity of 15% to 25% on a global scale, and South African customers can expect nothing less.

De Wit concludes: “Switching technology shouldn’t be a restrictive process; it should enable organisations to better serve clients while simultaneously increasing revenues.  Organisations no longer want to feel locked in, they want the freedom to evolve, and I believe this solution will provide them with just that – all while delivering the optimal customer experience. We underpin our commitment to the market with a very strong in-house technical support team and a track record of superior integration capability.”

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