White paper: Global framework for privacy protection and value creation

Johannesburg, 02 Mar 2020
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Digital transformation has created a revolution, but with its increased benefits come increased risks to personal information. In response, several countries have enacted privacy and data protection legislation to protect consumers.

In this environment, organisations need a privacy protection framework that is broad enough to cover the needs of global privacy requirements, yet flexible enough to support the needs of enterprises in different stages of maturity – and, it requires analytics at the core.

2018 was the year when privacy became mainstream news and consumers realised the price to pay for the convenience of digital services. Around the world, consumers saw their privacy protections evaporate. Social media users saw their data sold without their consent. Data breaches in major organisations brought the vulnerability of enterprise systems and their inability to protect personal data to centre stage. As consumers became aware of the vulnerability of their personal information online, regulators and legislators worldwide have taken notice.

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