IBM opens healthcare centre in Spain

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IBM opens healthcare centre in Spain

IBM is establishing a two million euro centre at its premises in Barcelona, Spain, to cater to the technology needs of the European healthcare sector. The company plans to open the centre in September, reports Trading Markets.

The centre is expected to bridge IBM research labs, IBM business consultants, and healthcare companies and organisations.

The centre will focus on creating analysis and background information on technology requirements in healthcare, to help speed up new research discoveries into clinical practice.

Cell reported emergencies cause problems

As more and more people use cellphones to call 911, US emergency dispatchers do not always know from where the call is coming, reports Wood TV.

The GPS system built into phones built after 2004 helps, but dispatchers have to activate a tracking device, it doesn`t happen automatically and then it only gives a longitude and latitude, not an exact address.

"It narrows it down to an area that it may be and we have to go to that general area and search around as opposed to going straight to an address," the US department of public safety says. Officials suggest checking with service providers for GPS settings on phones.

Personal trainer phones

US mobile company Sprint wants consumers to reach for a cellphone when it comes to diet issues, reports WNBC.

"When you`re out, or you`re at dinner, you take a photo using the camera phone with Sprint PCS service and you can then upload the photo onto the My Food Phone Web site," said Mark Elliott, communications manager for Sprint. "Then you enter in the different food categories."

The information is sent to a Web site customised for one`s weight, body type and activity levels. The site provides weekly updates on the amount of exercise needed, the amount of calorie intake for the day and tracks the user`s weight.

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