IT projects increase globally

Johannesburg, 10 Nov 2005
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The results of the KPMG 2005 Global IT Project Management Survey have revealed an increase in the number of IT projects across all sectors of the global economy.

More than 600 organisations in 22 countries participated in face-to-face surveys which were conducted to explore the current trends in programme and project management across the globe. It focused particularly on how organisations are managing their commitments to realising business value through their projects.

Since the previous International 2002-2003 Program Management Survey, "KPMG has observed an increase in activity across all sectors of the economy," says Walter Palk, director, Risk Advisory Services, KPMG.

According to the survey, SA lags behind on the global front when it comes to the number of new projects, with 61% of organisations compared with a global figure of 81%. The complexity of projects in SA has increased in 73% of organisations as compared to a global 88% and total project budgets have increased in 51% of organisations compared to a global 79%.

In SA, the drivers promoting the increased number of projects are different from the rest of the world. Some 27% of South African organisations have come under regulatory change, 80% are relying on new products and services, and technology refreshes account for 41% of local organisations` increased project flow.

Another key finding was the continued lack of ability of most organisations to accurately measure the achievements of benefits derived from their projects.

According to the survey, "the greater the ability to oversee and deliver projects and programs effectively, the greater the likelihood that the business commitment will be met".

As far as the involvement of IT as a tool to facilitate these projects is concerned, "the survey was more about processes rather than the enabling tools. Tools are important but are not the silver bullet. The focus is on commitment and the processes involved in project management," Palk says. He adds that there is still scepticism around IT departments adding value to the project management process.

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