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Protect your business data with a backup solution that always has your back

The ReadyNAS solution from Netgear offers secure data backup with advanced remote access, a private cloud for business networks and intelligent system alerts.

Johannesburg, 18 Jul 2019
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Having an effective backup strategy for your business is no longer negotiable. With the rise of ransomware attacks and general unpredictability, such as unexpected power outages, you need to be prepared.

Data is one of the most valuable assets in any business. The sharing, storing, archiving and disaster recovery of data are critical elements in an IT infrastructure. In addition to these universal IT requirements for SMEs, scalability, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness are essential measurements in selecting the right storage solution.

Unfortunately, most cloud backup solutions have monthly fees based on the size of your data, which can lead to substantial overheads for some businesses. You will also pay more per month if you need to increase your storage size, and this can add up quickly if your business handles large amounts of files or data.

A ReadyNAS backup solution is often more affordable because there are no hosting fees, no limits to your media and no overage charges. It also offers a completely secure backup of your data with advanced remote and mobile access, a private cloud for your business networks and intelligent system alerts.

These days, running a successful business often depends on successful file sharing: application data, virtual images, client files, e-mail and all the digital files that make your business work. With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to-use solution for centralising, securing and sharing those critical assets. Faster processors mean more simultaneous users can access unified storage across PC, Mac and Linux environments.

Netgear offers the industry's most advanced data protection solution for SMEs.  Businesses depend on data in the form of customer information, transaction records, payroll, product development and marketing data. ReadyNAS helps businesses protect their data against physical and human errors, malicious attacks and natural disasters. Business continuity is part of any business plan.

To help you get the best of both worlds, ReadyNAS supports cloud sync to an array of third-party cloud storage options: Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Microsoft Azure and OneDrive. Users can sync their PCs, laptops and OneDrive data with their ReadyNAS, back up from the cloud to the ReadyNAS, or back up the ReadyNAS to their cloud of choice.

While ReadyNAS already offers robust and fast on-site data backup and access, a public cloud like OneDrive brings you anywhere access, reliability and the ability to recover data from the cloud in case of a disaster. This gives you complete flexibility and peace of mind for your business data. With a modern GUI and secure remote access using the Netgear Insight app, you can easily manage your ReadyNAS from the palm of your hand, anywhere, anytime.

You can use the ReadyCLOUD app for PC to set automatic backups and syncing, making scheduled protection easier than ever before. With Bit Rot Protection, your files are safeguarded against degradation. All ReadyNAS systems have anti-virus and encryption that comes standard to keep your data protected from outside threats and safe from prying eyes.

The custom-built ReadyNAS OS protects stored data with automatic RAID configuration, the continuous security of Unlimited Snapshots, and easy-to-manage Cloud Replication. By maintaining multiple copies of vital data through cloud replication, it makes it easy for you to move data off-site to protect against natural disasters and theft.

ReadyNAS devices have the capacity to support various backup sizes, from 1TB to just over 1 Petabyte of data. They are available in either a neat-looking desktop form factor or a rack-mount option to cater to the needs of small offices, medium-sized businesses and large enterprises.

ReadyNAS is also VMWare vSphere ESXi 6.0 certified for high-performance, virtualised storage with workload-heavy VM support. Build your own Private Cloud for data compliance and privacy which might not be compatible with public cloud solutions.

The ReadyNAS 426 6-Bay storage and ReadyNAS 428 8-Bay storage offer the ideal solution for an SME that needs high-capacity file serving and data backup to support workgroups of up to 40 employees.

The ReadyNAS backup solution from Netgear is designed to ensure that your data is always secure to keep your business safe at any time. This solution is reliable, affordable and easy to use.

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