You asked for them: AuthPoint Hardware Tokens

Johannesburg, 05 Aug 2020
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We are excited to share the news that our MFA solution portfolio continues to expand and now partners can offer AuthPoint Hardware Tokens to interested customers! Hardware tokens can be used by businesses as an alternative to the mobile token to authenticate into protected resources.

Common use cases

  • Although mobile-based authentication is more popular and in many cases more secure, there are many scenarios where hardware tokens are required or preferred.
  • Accessing locations where authentication is required, but mobile use is restricted, like hospitals.
  • Tough environments, like mines or oil platforms.
  • Companies with policies that limit or restrict the use of personal mobile devices for security purposes.

Cool things to know about AuthPoint Hardware Tokens

  • There is no seed file with AuthPoint hardware tokens. The hardware tokens are produced in our own factory and added to WatchGuard Cloud directly. This is a secure process that protects the token from becoming compromised (see what happened to RSA in 2011).
  • All tokens are programmed and finalised in the WatchGuard factory. No third party company has access to our firmware or secrets.
  • Token secrets are transmitted directly from the WatchGuard factory network (physically separated from the corporate network) to the cloud. No human in the middle has access to it.
  • Our devices are made in Brazil, in WatchGuard premises.
  • Less than 0.1% of RMA – return merchandise authorisation (return because of defects).
  • No activation is needed. Just add them to one or more AuthPoint tenants, using the Hardware Token menu option.
  • Three-year warranty starts only first time after you add them to a user, so you don’t have to worry about having some extra ones in your stock.
  • Life expectancy of more than seven years when in constant use.

New product page

We have added a new page under the multi-factor authentication product section of the Web site. Visit the Hardware Token page to learn more.

Ordering Hardware Tokens

AuthPoint Hardware Tokens are available to order now. They have a fixed price and are sold in boxes of 10 tokens. 

For more information visit, contact Protectimus Pty Ltd on 010 010 0821 or email

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