Second Annual Airport Security Summit

Johannesburg, 21 Apr 2017
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Dallmeier Electronic is pleased to announce it is attending the launch of the Second Annual Airport Security Summit, which is taking place on 20-21 April 2017, in Barcelona.

The summit is delving into challenges within airport security operations, offering a fresh overview of issues faced in today's technology-driven security solutions.

The summit offers deeper insights into issues such as airport security strategy, data security improvements, risk management and threat assessment, security training and staff development.

The second annual event will provide an excellent opportunity to learn more about recent projects and advances from inspirational speakers. Besides individual case studies and panel discussions, networking breaks will give a possibility for industry leaders to gather together and discuss potential risks and improvements in security and how to successfully implement new security strategies and benefit from new technology.


Key practical learning points of the summit

* Airport security policies and security standardisation;
* Benefiting from advanced technology solutions;
* Recognising cyber security risks and protection planning;
* New technology as part of security services;
* Threat assessment and risk management;
* Surveillance systems and behavioural analytics;
* Terrorism and global threats;
* Compromises between passenger experience and security solutions; and
* Protective measures for landside security.

Who should attend?

This summit will gather together CEOs, COOs, directors, VPs, heads, managers and senior level executives dealing with:

* Airport operations and management;
* Aviation security services;
* Risk management and threat assessment;
* Security compliance assurance;
* Emergency and evacuation planning;
* Cyber security and cyber risks;
* Crisis management;
* Standardisation and governance;
* Accident investigations
* Security training
* Human factors and behavioural analytics; and
* Security inspections and audits.

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Dallmeier Electronic EP Smit (+27) 11 510 0505
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