Blue Label Telecoms launches PlaySALottery for cellphones

Johannesburg, 13 Aug 2012
Blue Label Telecoms Press Office
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Blue Label announces the launch of the PlaySALottery voucher, a new lifestyle-enabling product.

Blue Label's subsidiary, Blue Label Distribution, partnered with the South African National Lotto operator, Gidani, and Lidonga Technologies to create the technical ability for consumers to now buy Lotto tickets on their cellphones.

"We are very excited to launch PlaySALottery," says Werner van Reenen, CEO of Blue Label Distribution. It complements our Blu Approved bouquet of products and services available to customers and merchants. PlaySALottery is a natural fit for us, as the technology platform already exists through our core airtime distribution to some 150 000 points of presence across South Africa."

With the PlaySALottery voucher, consumers can purchase a voucher at Blu Approved stores and other major retail outlets, top up their online mobile wallets and start playing Lotto instantly.

The PlaySALottery vouchers are vended in the same way as airtime, so it's simple and easy to use, for both merchants and consumers.

"It was important for us to find the right partner that was able to provide the technological capability and distribution platform to create and to distribute an electronic recharge voucher that would make it easy to load our mobile wallet, allowing consumers to purchase lotto tickets through their cellphones," says Phillip Suckerman, Sales and Marketing Director from Lidonga Technologies. "And now, through Blue Label Distribution, we are able to make PlaySALottery prepaid vouchers easily and conveniently available to all those who want to play Lotto from the comfort of their cellphones without queuing for hours waiting to buy and play."

PlaySALottery is a prepaid voucher that is used to top up a mobile wallet, which in turn will be utilised to purchase virtual Lotto tickets. The vouchers are denominated in R25 and R50 and are available at selected Shell, Spar and Blu Approved outlets nationwide.

Blue Label Telecoms

Blue Label Telecoms' core business is the virtual distribution of secure electronic tokens of value (predominantly prepaid airtime and electricity) and transactional services across its global footprint of distribution points.

The Group's stated strategy is to extend its global footprint of distribution points, both organically and acquisitively, to fulfil the significant demand for the delivery of multiple prepaid products and services through a single distributor, across various delivery mechanisms and via numerous merchants or vendors.

Blue Label Distribution is a Blue Label Telecoms group company and one of the largest distributors of prepaid e-tokens of value in South Africa; it offers tailor-made and specialised vending solutions for various retail environments. Blue Label Distribution also supplies a variety of prepaid products and other services to wholesalers, retailers and end-users. Blue Label's prepaid products and services include prepaid electricity, insurance, airtime vouchers and starter packs. It also provides bill payment, electronic fund transfers, ticketing and location-based services.

Lidonga Technologies

Lidonga Technology and Telecoms was established in 2006 to be a highly competitive force in the technology sector with specific focus on providing impetus to the mobile commerce revolution as part of the long-term vision of the grouping of highly innovative and competent technologists and communication specialists.

Lidonga Technology and Telecoms offers a diverse range of telecoms solutions, which are geared to maximise its clients' businesses and investments. It has formed a close-knit partnership with its international and national partners to provide a range of solutions for all types of businesses. Lidonga Technology and Telecoms is the owner of 40+ international patents in mobile commerce technology and has extensive experience in implementing its solutions on the international stage.

Lidonga Technology developed the PlaySALottery mobile solution on behalf of the South African National Lotto Operator, Gidani, and manages and maintains the entire system. Lidonga also owns the Internet protocol and proprietary software stack that were used to embody the national lottery project.

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