Essbase breaks all OLAP benchmark records on Sun

Johannesburg, 16 Nov 1998
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Hyperion Solutions has announced world-record results for the industry-standard OLAP (online analytical processing) Council APB-1 (Analytical Processing Benchmark-1) OLAP benchmark. Hyperion Essbase OLAP Server 5, running on a Sun Enterprise 450 server with the Solaris operating environment, completed the APB-1 OLAP benchmark more than 100% faster than Oracle Express OLAP Server on the Sun Enterprise 450.

The performance delivered by Hyperion and Sun is more than 45% faster than the best reported results for Oracle Express on Windows NT. These results confirm that Hyperion Essbase on Sun Enterprise servers is the fastest, most scalable and most deployable OLAP platform.

The OLAP Council, a non-profit consortium of OLAP vendors, created the APB-1 OLAP benchmark to provide organisations with a non-biased means of comparing the overall performance and deployability of OLAP servers. The APB-1 OLAP benchmark simulates a realistic sales and marketing analysis application that analyses 10 000 products, 1 000 customers and 10 channels of distribution across a wide range of measures such as units sold, dollar sales, costs, and margins for actual, budget and forecast scenarios.

The APB-1 OLAP benchmark is conducted in three phases; a historical data load, an incremental data load and 250 000 multi-user queries. Hyperion Solutions and Sun delivered record-breaking audited results in all three phases of the benchmark, for both the 0,1% and 5% data density volumes specified by the benchmark. The 5% data density OLAP benchmark loads 50 times more raw data than the 0,1% data density benchmark. With record-setting results for both data densities, the benchmark results show that Hyperion Essbase running on Sun Enterprise servers delivers speed-of-thought query performance at both data volumes.

The central metric defined by the OLAP Council for the APB-1 OLAP benchmark is analytical queries per minute (AQM), which measures the number of queries processed per minute including incremental data load time. At 0,1% data density, Hyperion Solutions and Sun reported a record audited AQM rating of 16 221, more than 100% higher than Oracle`s rating of 8 073. This is the highest audited AQM rating ever reported for the APB-1 OLAP benchmark on either Unix or Windows NT. Hyperion Essbase and the Sun Enterprise 450 server demonstrated the ability to process 37m sophisticated OLAP queries per day. This unprecedented level of query performance confirms that the joint Hyperion Solutions and Sun solution can deliver OLAP information to the very largest user communities.

At 5% data density, Hyperion Solutions and Sun completed the incremental data load and executed 250 000 queries 98% faster than Oracle Express. Hyperion Solutions and Sun earned an AQM rating of 1 690,5, nearly twice Oracle`s audited AQM rating of 852 on Sun Enterprise 450. This is also 45% faster than the best reported results for Oracle Express on Windows NT. Hyperion Solutions and Sun completed the 5% data density OLAP benchmark in less than 150 minutes, nearly two hours before Oracle Express completed the incremental data load alone. By loading the same data in just half the time, the benchmark results demonstrate Hyperion Essbase`s compelling performance and scalability advantages over Oracle Express.

"The record-setting results for Hyperion Essbase on the Sun Enterprise 450 server demonstrate that Hyperion Essbase is unquestionably the fastest performing, most scalable OLAP server on any platform," says Daniel Druker, VP of product marketing for Hyperion Solutions. "These audited OLAP benchmark results conclusively prove that Hyperion Essbase is faster, easier to deploy and significantly more cost effective than Oracle Express for enterprise-scale OLAP applications."

"A 42-fold improvement in performance in less than 18 months is nothing short of startling," says Nigel Pendse, lead author of The OLAP Report (at "These record-breaking figures for Hyperion Essbase running on Sun Enterprise servers really demonstrate that OLAP servers can deliver extraordinary query performance for large communities of concurrent users."

Deployability advantages

In addition to demonstrating unmatched performance and scalability, the new APB-1 OLAP benchmark results reconfirm the overwhelming advantages of Hyperion Essbase over Oracle Express for rapidly and cost-effectively developing and deploying OLAP applications. Hyperion Essbase required 26 times fewer lines of procedural code and comments than Oracle Express to implement the same OLAP benchmark application. Hyperion Essbase required just 36 lines of procedural code and comments whereas Oracle Express required 946 lines.

The complexity and length of the code required to implement the benchmark is a direct reflection of the time and expense to deploy and maintain real-world OLAP applications. This proves that Hyperion Essbase is far easier and more cost-effective to implement than Oracle Express.

The audited APB-1 OLAP benchmark results and disclosure information are available on Hyperion Solutions` Web site at

Hyperion Essbase products are distributed in South Africa by the IBD Group.

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