Nebula boosts OneView solution with IT, cloud expense management feature powered by Microsoft Azure

OneView solution offers an IT and cloud expense management feature that provides a digital view of all your IT-related expenses.

Cape Town, 30 Jan 2020
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IT expense management is the latest feature being added to Nebula’s cloud-based technology expense management platform, OneView, powered by Microsoft Azure. The new feature provides a well-arranged digital view of a company’s IT-related expenses.

This helps customers easily manage their IT inventory costs across different vendors, accounts and locations by visualising and reporting on all mentioned IT-related expenses. A complement to Nebula’s existing Сloud Expense Management tool, which provides the visibility needed to manage complex cloud environments and track cloud expenditure and usage, this new OneView product feature allows enterprise IT teams to implement cost optimisation initiatives across the entire technology ecosystem.

Some of the key features of OneView IT expense management include importing services, which means all information relating to IT expenses is imported into OneView using Azure Service Bus queue. It helps businesses that work with multiple vendors who typically receive their bills in a range of different formats. With the help of OneView, companies can ingest multiple billing files and formats so, as a result, they have only one single correct version. It is also possible to import various items in parallel, across different formats. For larger businesses, being able to run multiple bulk imports at once saves a lot of time.

It also features budget tracking, a cloud and IT expense management budgeting tool that helps businesses keep track of all their IT-related expenses, and identify any budget variances across all IT budget categories; powerful reporting, with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) providing all the tools and services needed to create, deploy and manage IT expense reports; and interactive dashboards that use Microsoft Power BI Embedded to put together intuitive and useful visualisations to embed into Nebula’s SaaS offering.

Customers can use these interactive visuals to drill down through the data and gain more precise insights based on the issue they’re trying to solve or project they’re trying to complete.

“New technologies make our lives simpler, but they can also make things more complex. Especially when it comes to managing all new technology and the related IT expenses,” notes Andre Witte, Nebula’s CTO. “Our IT expense and cloud management functionality enables your IT team to make the most of digital innovations without fear of overspending.”

JK Canis, Cloud & Enterprise Business Group Lead, Microsoft South Africa, says: “Microsoft Azure helps Nebula deliver scalable solutions that enable IT teams to focus on getting their job done most effectively through using cloud technology. We welcome companies like Nebula to boost visibility and streamline operations by developing cloud-based solutions on Azure.”

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