Pipelines create sustainable Project Management offices

Recognising the need for a pipeline of young, empowered project managers and administrators coming through the ranks, LearnConnect provides a solid grounding in Project Management.

Johannesburg, 09 Jan 2020
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In an industry as fast-paced, ever-changing and filled with a pressure cooker of demands such as fintech, ongoing research and development is key to being a differentiator in the  marketplace.

For any company’s new products or processes to be made available to its customer base, the company would need full Project Management functionality within its business; the kind of functionality that can drive projects, adhere to timelines, troubleshoot issues and stay on budget. The greatest need, and long-term goal, in the modern Project Office is a solid pipeline of young and empowered Project Managers and Project Administrators coming through the ranks. This is where LearnConnect comes into play.

Our learnerships are designed to provide all learners with a solid grounding in Project Management.

We add to the following to the mix to make sure that we get a well-rounded individual who is very employable:

  • Personal mastery: Getting to know yourself better and using that to interact more effectively with others
  • Coaching and mentoring skills: Leading others by developing the ability to create change in individuals and help them reach their goals
  • Facilitation skills: Facilitating group discussions by using tools and techniques to include everyone, “hold the space” and keep the discussion on track
  • Presentation skills: Presenting information clearly and effectively, so that you are able to get your message across
  • Microsoft Office training: Enhancing their PC skills
  • The software development life cycle: Most individuals will need some knowledge on this life cycle since they may end up in an IT division or company
  • Leadership, diversity and communication skills: These skills are non-negotiable in today’s workplace
  • Time management: An essential workplace skill
  • Change management: We introduce them to the change management methodology to instil resilience
  • Agile for beginners: A basic understanding of Agile is needed since it has been adopted in many organisations

Financial benefits to the company include tax relief and Skills Development points, as enshrined in the B-BBEE Code of Good Conduct.

Please contact our office for a full review on creating internal project management pipelines in your business on

PM Connection is an accredited Learnership Provider (13542).

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